Unusual Wallpaper found in Dalbeattie House!

During the alterations to a large house in the town it was discovered in the hall way of this house was a very unusual wallpaper.

As can be seen in the pictures of what was left of the paper,A collection of vignettes depicting soldier in green uniforms on manoeuvres and on parade, an officer on horseback also drawings of military equipment and the monogram RV all done in colour. The House was Alma House in Mill Street once the residence1 of Dr John Patterson Lewis From 1868 to 1879.

As the house was named Alma after a Crimean battle1854 it was thought to have some connection.

The initial of RV was found to be short for Rifle Volunteers and the idea it might be from the Crimea war was scuppered, The Rifle Volunteers a movement started in 1859 to counter fears of a French invasion. The specific regiment depicted was not clear more information was required. Searching the house records it was found that in 1886 as Dr John Patterson Lewis lived here and he was in the Army List.

Of the six independent corps of Rifle Volunteers in Kirkcudbrightshire, the Dalbeattie Corps was raised in 1868 and the doctor was appointed its first honorary Acting Surgeon on 24 July 1868 a post he held until February 1879..

This information has been recorded by The Wallpaper History Society.