Tommy Henderson and Dalbeattie Bantam Club


Tommy Henderson and Dalbeattie Bantam Show

Way before Tommy Henderson had decided to have a museum in Dalbeattie; he was no stranger to trying to bring something new to the town. So in 1969 after being approached by Mr Arthur Frame from Douglas, Lanarkshire and who was also the President of "The Scots Grey Club", asked Tommy to hold a Bantam Show in Dalbeattie. Mr Frame also offered to pay any of the bills that may occur.

First entry form 1st November 1969





The first show was held on 1st November 1969. It was held in the free church ( youth centre) on John Street, Dalbeattie. The judge for this show was Mr Wyllie from Eaglesfield. The pens that were to house the birds were on hire from Mr Bleazard from Monaive. The pens were transported from Monaive to Dalbeattie on the back of Johnston the Joiner's lorry. Tommy was amazed when they got over 100 entries for their first show.

Many of the wives of the members like Mrs Mary Smith , Mrs Nita Hastings, Mrs Kathleen Roberts and Mrs Betty Robson, made teas and coffees, also offering hot pies and bridies to the visitors.

Mrs Phemie Henderson made the judges a full dinner at her home, as a thank you for coming to judge the birds.



Judging 1970



 The second and third year of Dalbeattie Bantam Show was to be held in the Lybro building that used to be known as the Glove factory on the High Street, Dalbeattie. This was chosen as it provided the larger space that was required. Over 200 entries were to be made in the second year and over 400 in the third year. To raise money for this event , which was now becoming an important show in the bantam world, the club held Beetle-drives and Whist-drives in the Rover Den, Southwick Road, Dalbeattie. Now known as the Nail Factory.

The picture above are (left-right) Mr Joe Robson, Mr Benson, Mr Easom Smith, Mr Tommy Henderson.



Dalbeattie Bantam Club                 The Bantam Show at the Lybro   The Bantam Show at the Lybro


On the fourth year it had to move again this time to the Scout Hall, William Street, Dalbeattie. 600 birds were to be shown and judged. Dalbeattie Bantam Show was to receive the honour of being " The Best West of Scotland Poultry Club Show" accolade in 1972.

1976 Judges for Dalbeattie Bantam Show

                                                                          1975 Winners











Back Row Mr Joe Robson,Mr Alec Burnie, Mr J Brown, Mr T McLatchie, Mr R.H Thompson, Mr J R Smith                                                             Front Row Mr Alex Craig, Mr I McCall, Mr F McGhee, Mr J Barr

December 13 1975, Scout Hall, William Street, Dalbeattie.  Judges were R Ainsworth and M Atkinson, Weatmorland and T Harley from Carlisle.

1973 Winners Back Row Mr J Roberts, Mr J Girdwood, Mr J Latimer, Mr McCall  Front Row, ?, Mr J Smith, Provost Charters, Mr J Dalgliesh. 1973

1979 Winners


Left to Right. Mr R Martin, Mr Joe Robson, Mr Alec Burnie, Mrs McKie Mr W English, Mr J Caldwell. Front Row Miss Munroe Mr Robert McKie. 1979 Winners at the Scout Hall.








Each year the members and friends of the club were invited to their Christmas Dinner in the Burnside Hotel and  Maxwell Arms, Dalbeattie.

1970-71 Christmas Dinner Back Row, Mr Bryan Gourlay, Mr Gibson, Mr Billy Gibson, Mr Ian Gibson. Front Row, Mr & Mrs McCall, Mr & Mrs W McKinnel. 


  1972 Christmas Dinner


1973 Christmas Dinner

 Back Row, Mr Sturrock, Mr A Burnie, Mr James Roberts, Mr W McKinnel, Mr C Lunn, Mr Ian Gibson, Mr Bert Hastings, Mr W Gibson, Mr J Smith.      2nd Row, Mrs Annie Burnie, Mrs Sturrock, Mrs McKinnel, Mrs Lunn, Mrs Nita Hastings, Mr McCall, Mrs M Gibson, ?, Mr Thompson, Mr McHarrie. Sitting, Mr Tommy Henderson, Mrs Mary Smith, Mrs Phemie Henderson, Mrs Kathleen Roberts, Mrs McCall, Mrs McHarrie.     Front row sitting Mr Gibson, Mr Billy Gibson. 1973 Maxwell Arms, Dalbeattie






Dalbeattie Bantam Club Dinner


Left to Right. Mr & Mrs Joe Robson, Mr James Roberts, Mr Bill Roberts, Mrs Kathleen Roberts, Mr & Mrs W Gibson.









 Many of the top class judges in the poultry world were judging at Dalbeattie's show, the club carried on for many years after Tommy left.