Pim Blair

Mr Pim Blair

Pim Blair,"father of none, uncle to hunners !", this statement is a good description of the man that was Pim Blair. He was a man who wanted to help the young people of the town from the early 1950's till 1980's after serving for his country in World War 2, keeping them busy and out of trouble by supplying them with a safe haven of the Parish Church Hall on John Street Dalbeattie. This is where the boys could have discos, parties, learn to cook pancakes, put on little plays or just have a soft drink and packet of crisps from the home made bar. The boys knew that Pim was a storyteller and poet, his ghost stories are still talked about today and some of the boys were witness to such events in the hall.

Pim took the boys to many places for a holiday but his favourite place to go camping were Whitbay, Blackpool, Sandyhill and Douglas hall. Every year the boys took part in a sponsored walk around the coast to help with funds for their outings and equipment for the club, but Pim would usually supply all the games and equipment himself. One thing Pim never forgot was his camera. He was an avid movie watcher,

1950's Sandyhillshe had a job in the local cinema and collected many famous autographs and corresponded with many film stars.

The older boys of the club would help the younger ones but Pim gave his time unselfishly everyday of the week! There would not be many boys over the years who did not know Pim or had not attended the famous parities and discos!

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