Past Dalbeattie Civic Days

Dalbeattie Civic Days  Parade on Dalbeattie High Street


Everyone has their own favourite memory of Civic Week! The day would start by many of the Streets, Pubs and Clubs decorating a lorry, or costumes were worn so they could walk the route through the town. It always started in Port Street and ended at the Barrhill. Once the parade was passed everyone would head up to Colliston Park. In the 1980’s the fun continued in the Football pitch, Islecroft Stadium. 

It was in 1961that Dalbeattie British Legion said they could no longer run the popular Fete Day for the town. Dalbeattie Town Council stepped in with money and manpower and in 1962 Dalbeattie Civic Day was born.  

Decorated Lorry

Miss Ena Irvine was Dalbeatties first Civic Queen in 1962.

Just as the parade had started to move off, the heavens opened and the star personality “Jonnie Beattie” had to address his remarks to a bedraggled crowd in Colliston Park.


1940's Queen Jean Allan 





1940's The Queen was Jean Allan.

To her right was S. Surgenor.

To her left is Margaret Thomson.



Floral Queen May Gibson



Floral Queen May Gibson in 1957.

Following on behind her were

J. Quarrie and Kathleen Webster.






Most of the early records were lost in an accident, but a few records do still survive.

Early Committee members were:              


Famous personalities were an important part of the festivities in the early days. Hugh Johnston, who was the convener of the Civic Committee for 10 years, was a superb ‘front man’, for the organisation, acting as compere and host at countless functions, with apparently effortless ease. He brought many famous faces such as Moira Anderson, Mary Marquis, Ester Rantzen, Cyril Fletcher, to name a few.

1964   August 3rd – August 8th  

The cost of this programme was 1’-  1964

Convener J T S Murray

Vice –Convener H G Johnston

Secretary AA Warwick

Committee, Mrs McKie, Mrs Park, Nurse Gourlay, Bailie J F Charters, Messrs H B Campbell, A Aitchison, J Martin, E M Duncan, R Blair, R Henderson, M McCowan, J Aitken, L McArdle.

“The Provost Message”, from Amelia Jack is the first “Good Luck” wishes for Civic Week. She extended a warm welcome to everyone.

Provost Jack

Miss Dorothy Paul, the popular singer from the One O’clock Gang Show, crowned Miss Brita Maxwell, the 1963 Civic Queen. 1964 Civic Queen was Miss Sandra Wares. Sandra Wares

Sandra is a clerkess in the Bank of Scotland and is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Wares of the Crown Restaurant. She had just passed her driving test on her first attempt. Sandra was crowned by Miss Moira Anderson followed by the “Bathing Beauty Competition".

There was an open air dance in Colliston Park by George McKinnel and his Band. The “Chaperones”, played in the Town Hall. Lastly at 10:30pm the Queen drew the Grand Raffle.

This little blue book is full of Dalbeattie adverts for all the local businesses and is also full of antidotes of information, such as, “ It is not normally known that the iron bridge from John Street to Colliston Park was built in 1902 by Mr Erskine in his Smithy in Water Street, Dalbeattie. The total cost of the bridge, including two granite pillars and the concrete flooring amounted to £54.

It Is Not Generally Known that the first granite polished by hand, by Mr Newall, father of the late Mr W Newall of Broomlands and exhibited at the Crystal Palace Exhibition in 1851.

It Is Not Generally Known that the Craignair Quarry road bridge was built in 1797 of Kirkgunzeon granite before the Craignair Quarry was opened.

It Is Not Generally Known that the bandstand roof is supported by old gas lamp standards from Glasgow.   And lots more …competition winners 1964Winners for the Putting Competition were J McMutrie (junior), G Bell (seniors).


This Programme cost 20p



This year there were two Conveners, Mr Donald Kerr and Mr Eric McCowan. 1980They gave their pleasure in welcoming folks to another Civic Week. Thanking local traders for their continuing support for prizes and donations. They Thanked the local Drama Club for staging a Supper and Dance and Cabaret night. They payed tribute to Mr Jack Martin, who was a staunch member of the committee for such a long time and who had died recently. Also to Mr Bob Donley, who had helped out but had resigned as joint convener, due to ill health. The guest of honour for this year was Jimmy Mack. He was a well known voice on the radio! His nickname was “Mr Nice”.

Beverley McCall

1980 Civic Queen was 16 year old Beverley McCall of Alpine Street, Dalbeattie. Beverley works with Solway Marketing Company, the cosmetic manufacturers. At 3pm Mr Jimmy Mack crowned Beverley McCall in Islecroft Stadium.Pigeons were then released by Dalbeattie Homing Club. Then it was Miss Colliston Competition. It’s a Knockout Competition. Piano Bashing Competition. Finishing with a disco in the town hall.civic day 1980

Mr Bert Caldow was convener of Civic Week from 1973 till 1974 and served till 1981. Mr Caldow brought many great attractions such as The Golden Lion Parachute Team and the Blue Arrows to Islecroft Stadium and well known personalities as the Alexander Brothers and the actor John Cairney.


civic day 1981Bob Donley

Mr Bob Donley was the Civic Week Chairman for this year and the programme opens with his Good Luck message.

Michael Lucas, from Border Television was the honoured guest.  Miss Elaine Kennedycivic day 1981 was chosen to be the Civic Queen. Tributes were paid to the passing of Mr Hugh Johnston, Woodston, Dalbeattie and Mr Bobby Blair, Moss Road, Dalbeattie. Both men were members who were willing and proud to give their services to Dalbeattie Civic Week. Both would be sadly missed.

Elaine Kennedy was 17 years of age and just completes her studies at Dalbeattie High School. She hopes to become a nurse and would like to continue her studies at Dumfries and Galloway College of Technology. She enjoys music, reading and crochet work.


diamond lil's



Joining the festivities this year wasHang Glider, Mr Jimmy Potts from Ayrshire, who thrilled the crowds all over the country. The Dalbeattie and District Drama Group put on “A night at Diamond Lil’s”, where the group served drinks and were dressed in Country Western Costumes. Entry was £1:50, it was held in the town hall. The Royal Signals Motor Cycle Display Team; The White Helmets would perform again this year. Miss Colliston Competition was held at 3:15pm. Mass piped bands played. Release of Pigeons by Dalbeattie Homing Club.

By 1982 the cost of running dances and events had soared and it became increasingly more difficult to continue Civic Week. Civic Week was in crisis, but a small number of people came to the rescue and in 1982 Mr Derek Taylor acted as chairman for a new kind of week, where instead of bringing people in to entertain, people would enter themselves as the entertainment. It was all done in a few weeks and the townsfolk appreciated the effort and Civic Week was saved.




Mr Derek Taylor was the new chairman. Mr Eric Wallace from Border Television was the guest of honour.Mr Derek Taylor

The chosen Civic Queen was 16 year old Jacqueline Whalen. Jacqueline is a keen highland dancer and lists baby sitting as a hobby. She has an unusual choice of a job for a girl as she would like to be a motor mechanic.Jaqueline Whalen

A new event to this year’s programme was the Stewartry Archers. They had been formed 4 years before and now had 20 members. They were based at Kirkcudbright. On one of the pages in this programme of events was a page dedicated to the two soldiers arriving back home after serving in the Falklands Campaign. The Civic Queen Elaine Kennedy welcomes home L/Cpl Michael Agnew and Private Derek Styles. The boys were given a great reception when they arrived back earlier in the month. Another new attraction to the park events was a display from the Dalbeattie High School GymnasticGymnastic Team

Team. Majorettes display, police dog display and mass piped bands played.civic day 1982

      civic day 1982













Mr Ted Irving took over as Convener. Civic week was gradually rebuilt. Old and new events were put in place, so that Civic Week could continue for a further 25 years.


Unfortunately the museum is missing the programmes for the early 1970's-80's



 Civic Queen for this year was Jayne Caldow.Jayne Caldow










Kirsty Phillips

The Commitee had its fingers crossed for good weather for their week.The aim of the Civiv Week is to provide a celebration of summer and a focus for the community to join together.

Kathleen Wilson and Ted Irvine were joint chairmen for this year.

The Week of events included, The Diary of Anne Frank by the Dalbeattie and District Dramam Group. Coffee morning, Clay Pigeon Shoot, Childrens fancy dress, Church Service, Craft Fair, Darts Tournament, 3 mile run, Family Sports, Talent Contest, Childrens Pet Show, Ladies Night, Civic Golf final, Dog show, Football for the old and young, Disco, Treasure Hunt, Barbacue and the Duck race.

Greased Pole









This was Civic Weeks Silver Jubilee Year. 1962 - 1987

Ted Irving and Kathleen Wilson

List of Past Queens











 1962 Ena Irvine...crowned by Jonny Beattie

1963 Brita Maxwell...crowned by Dorothy Paul

1964 Sandra Wares ... crowned by Miora Anderson

1965 Jan Duncan...Crowned by Moira Anderson

1966 Marylin Currie... crowned by Mary Marquis.

1967 Shirley Jardine...crowned by Carol Fletcher ( Miss Great Britain)

1968 Paula Stewart...crowned by Lena McGarvie ( Miss Scotland)

1969 Maureen Baird...crowned by Yvonne Ormes (Miss Great Britain)

1970 Joyce Caldow...crowned by Esther Rantzen

1971 Sheila Neilson...crowned by Hilary Pritchard

1972 Vivian Billson...crowned by Martine Mitchell (BBC Announcer)

1973 Carol Campbell...crowned by Marion McDonald (singer)

1974 Judith Harriman...crowned by Kathy Cubin (Miss Border TV) and Eric Robson

1975 Jean Wallach...crowned by John Cairney

1976 Alison McKinnel...crowned by Alexander Brohers

1977 Lesley Swanston...crowned by Bill Henderson (Garnock's Way)

1978 Allison Gibson...crowned by Jackie Farrell (Garnock's Way)

1979 Anne Benson...crowned by Jonnie Beattie (Comedian)

1980 Beverley McCall...crowned by Jimmy Mack (BBC Radio Scotland)

1981 Elaine Kennedy...crowned by Michael Lucas (Border TV)

1982 Jacqueline Whalen ...crowned by Eric Robson (Border TV)

1983 Amanda Holland...crowned by Pim Blair

1984 Shona Henderson...crowned by John Haggert (Rangers F.C)

1985 Jayne Caldow...crowned by John Myers (Border TV)

1986 Kirsty Phillips...crowned by Iain McConnell (Radio Solway)

1987 Jane Styles...crowned by her auntie who was the first Civic Queen Miss Ena Irvine.