Civic Days part 2



The trophies that were given in the parade were,

     Best In Parade
     Best Childrens Lorry
     Best Street or Organisation
     Best Walker

The parade has always been the centrepiece to the day. In 1987 the parade had Beccleuch and Queenberry Pipe Band, Moffat Pipe Band, Castle Douglas Juvenile Pipe Band, The Starline Twirlers, Pandemonium Puppets, Civic Queen  Lorry and Several Vintage Cars.

The world famous Illusionist Fred Van Buren was the attraction in 1987. 1987 committee

A Historical Walk was given by Mr Tommy Henderson. "Mr Dalbeattie" knows Dalbeattie inside out and if he does not know it then it is not worth knowing! Tommy will be accompanied by his son Donald Henderson.

A Carnival Dance was organised and it was to be headed by Rue and the Rockets.

Sunday Fun Day gave everyone a chance to do some sports. A Karate demonstration, by members of the local Budokan club.  Tug-o-war competition.

Puppeteers from Edinburgh were billed to appear before, but gale force winds made it out of the question. Undeterred however they turned their hands to fire eating and kept the crowd amused.

The committee consisted of David Carruthers, Alistair McCubbin, Eric McCowan, Linda McCaa, David Bowie Helen Mazza (Lightfoot)

Kathleen Wilson, Susan Black, Jimmy Wilson, Norman Roberts

others were Colin Robertson, Bill Purdie, Kevin McCowan and Isobel Maxwell



1988The main attraction in this year was the escapologist Nick Janson.

He had appeared on TV many times and was voted best escapologist in the world outdoor championships in 1983.

Clowning Around, Johnny Hatrick and Alice Bonkers are a clowning duo who specialise in childrens shows. The talented twosome were working at Glasgow Garden Festival this summer. Juggling and illusions are part of their act.

Maxie and Mitch, are comedians with a lorra lorra laughs! They were one of the hottest double acts on the northern circuit.

Kathleen Wilson was the chairperson in 1989. Lindy Ireland


Lindy Ireland was the Civic Queen, who was about to start 5th year at Dalbeattie High School. Lindy was a popular choice when she was picked at a special civic dance. Lindy lived at home with her brother Steven and parents Elma and Jim Ireland. Her pleasant personality will be an asset to the Civic celebrations over the coming year.



Lindys attendants will be Samantha Maxwell, Claire Wallach, Hazel Robertson, Lynne Henderson, Caroline Simpson, Caroline Carson and Fiona Sanderson.




Date moved for Civic Week to July instead of August.

This year was a carnival themed day and it was called the Carnival Countdown! The Caribean had arrived in Dalbeattie. Rustie Lee was the top attraction. A 20 strong steel band from London will bring the authentic Carnival flavour to Civic Day.

Rustie Lee was guest at a Ladied Night. She was available for a question and answer section of the evening. Rustie Lee was a famous cook on TVam. Rustie had also spent years on the caberet circuit as a singer, comedienne and had her own resaurant in Birmingham.

On the evening called "An evening with Rustie", she will demonstrate how to make fantastic Caribean Cocktails. This event was sponsered by the Burnside Hotel.

The amazing Mr Mystery - the man with the bionic eyes, will be the main attraction on Civic Saturday. He will drive at break kneck speed around human obstacles! The car that he drove was supplied by Paterson and Parker of Dalbeattie.

Another attraction was hypnotist Geoff Greenley, who will attempt an arena hypnosis act withe good clean fun. inaddition he will be offering anti-smoking clinics at the end of the preformance.

Caroline CarsonCivic Queen for this year was Caroline Carson. She is in 4th year at Dalbeattie High School, but is undecided about a career. She loves swimming, dancing, and tennis. Caroline lives with her parents, Stewart and Margaret Carson.



Mr Stanley Hart, who has given great service to the town over the years will crown Caroline.


Carolines attendants will be Deirdre Anderson, Rachael Lee, Samantha Maxwell, Fiona Sanderson, Claire Wallach, Lynn Burnie, Audrey Gardiner and Lynne Faulds.

 Entertainment came from Mad Dog Jocks and Englishmen, Parma Violets, Red Stripe Ebony Steel Band, The Duck Race, The Crossbow of Death,Fireworks and Treasure Hunt.

 1990 'Round Up Week'


This was another themed Civic Week. It went all out Country and Western Style.

Chairman for this year was Mr Ted Irving.Mr Ted Irving

Simone Neville was to be crowned as Civic Queen. Rev. Norman Hutchinson crowned Simone.

A ladies night was the highlight of the week. It appealled to all ages. Linda Williamson of Needles and Pinza shop arranged a Bridal Fashion Show for Civic Week.

Tom Cody's Wild West Show with gun play, knife throwing, whips and rope work was to be another highlight.

Gale Gordon was the worlds first escapologist. She  preformed her act on Civic Day.

1990The week was full of fun things to do.

Hidden Article in all the shop windows

Junior Five-a-side football

Childrens fancy dress

Disco with Tommy Truesdale and The Sundowners.

Church Service

Civic Doubles Tennis Tournament

Pool and Dominoes Competition

Three Mile Run

Car Boot Sale

Guys and Dolls Wild Night. Fanct Dress at the Pheasant Hotel.

Historical Walk.

Childrens Show. "Mr Magic", Ray Lightfoot entertained the kids with his magic show.

Talent Show at the Ship Inn

Pet Show

Evening of songs by San Francisco Chorale in Dalbeattie Parish Church.

Senior Citizens Concert

Duck Race

All finished off with a Firework Display.


1991Kevin McCowan was the Chairman this year. He is thought to be the youngest Chairman the Civic Committee has ever had.

1991 Kevin McCowan

This was the year that there was virtually a new commitee. It was also decided the there would no longer be a Civic Queen but a Civic Princess instead. The Princess was picked by a independent panel of judges.

There was a trochlight parade with a pipeband through the streets of Dalbeattie before the firework display.


The First Civic Princess was Shonagh Wright. Shonagh was in Primary 6B when she was picked.

Her attendants were - Civic Princess

     Vickie Allen

     Kerry Clive

     Ruth Lennon

     Shelly McGhie

     Hanna Witcombe

     Cheryl Muirhead

     Jane Gordon

Christies Social Club held a Civic Dance. The band were Tony West and The Jones Boys. The band came from Glasgow and had been together for 20 years.

1992 Pearl Anniversary


Chairman for this year was Mr Lind.Mr Lind








The princess for 1992 was Senga Hanna. Senga was 12 years old. Civic Princess

Her interests were swimming, reading, walking around the wood.


Senga's attendants were

     Kelly Anderson

     Michelle McMinn

     Suzanne McLachlan

     Sarah Berry

     Lindsay Richardson

     Natasha Thomson

     Carol Ann Paul

Grannie Lyons




In this programme book is a page dedicated to "Gannie Lyons", Civic Personality for 1992.

Mrs Lyons was born in 1897 in copeland street, Dalbeattie. She attended Dalbeattie School ( now part of the Primary) until she was 14 years old. She then left school to go nursemaid in a large house in Thornhill. She came back to Dalbeattie following ill health and once she was recovered, she got a job in the Glove Factory on the High Street, Dalbeattie. She was married at 17 and was married for 56 years. She had 8 children, but lost 4 infancy. Over the years her family grew and she had 16 grand children and 26 Great- Grandchildren.

Mrs Lyons was well known locally for her work with the towns people as a mid-wife. She was also known for laying out people for the undertaker and recieved £1 for this duty.

She loved tending to her garden, reading and going to the Day Centre 3 times a week. Mrs Lyons crowned the Princess in 1992.


There was a competition in the programme book to guess the baby. Elizabeth Robson

Punch and Judy were to entertain the children on Civic Day.






 Kevin McCowan was the chairman.

Keven McCowan






Mrs Ada L Johnston was Civic Personality for 1993. Ada was the wife of the late Hugh Ada L JohnstonJohnston, a Baillie on the last Town Council for Dalbeattie and a convener of Dalbeattie Civic Week for over 10 years. Ada was the first president of Dalbettie S.W.R.I. Ada and her son William took part in "The Generation Game",

Ada was also chosen to do "The Big Time", with Esther Rantzen. Where she had to design and make an evening dress.

Ada worked at Biggars Mill for over 20 years and is a keen Curler with Dalbeattie Ladies, New Abbey and Rurals.

Ada crowned the Princess but the programme booklet does not say who this was and it is not mentioned on the programme of events on Civic day. If you know who was the Civic Princess, please get intouch with us, Thank you

This years programme of events were

     Tea Dance

     Fancy Dress

     Dog Show

     Tug of War

     Cycle Race

     Hidden Article

     Window Competition

1994 Dalbeattie Museum does not have a programme for 1994. We believe there was no Civic Week in 1994, as the booklet in 1995 says " We are back".


1995Mr J.H Lind is the chairman in 1995.

A special plee went out from Mr Lind to save Civic Week, as they were a very small band of volunteers and they needed new members.


The Civic Princess was Rea Roberts.Rea Roberts



Her attendants were

     Abby McClymont

     Debbie McCaig

     Lindsay Gibson

     Lucy Roberts

     Rachael Grandidge

     Stacy McQuarie





Dalbeattie Civic Day programme of events

programme of events











On the back pages was a tribute to the granite Workers of Dalbeattie.Quarry Workers

the poem reads

" Then let us join at natures shrine

and breach our earnest prayer

that though she gave no goldmine,

she blest us with Craignair!"






Dalbeattie Museum does not have any programmes for 1996 and1997,



1998Andrene Scott, Provost of Dalbeattie Community Council, is Chairperson.

The Community Council and a few volunteers took over Cvic Week and changed the name to "Festival Week".

It was still to be a week long of events for townsfolk and visitors alike.

The booklet is full of pictures from Dalbeatties past.Dalbeatties past




Dalbeattie Star





















Dalbeattie Museum does not have a programme for 1999








2000This is the third year of the Festival Programme.

In the first few pages is an article about Dalbeattie in World War2.  It was writen by Helen Bell.

The next written article is from Erica Johnson, on "The Origins of Dalbeattie".

programme of events











In 2007, Dalbeattie Festival Week was changed to “Civic Daze”.



The Chairman is James Dingwall.

Civic Daze continues to provide entertainment for all ages in the town of Dalbeattie, finishing with a Civic Day, which is still held in Colliston Park, Dalbeattie. They provide entertainment for the first week in August. Activities such as a car treasure hunt, quiz night, prize bingo, pet show and a children’s party.  

On the big day itself after the parade has moved through the streets of Dalbeattie, there are lots of fun and games in Colliston Park throughout the afternoon and into the evening, ending with a fireworks display.

The committee have brought us the Seven Stanes MTB Display Team; Dalziel Dog Agility Team; Elaine Hill Sheepdogs; The Pallas Family Flyers; Galloway Falconry; The Royal Signals Motorcycle Display Team ‘The White Helmets’ and the Bolddog Lings FMX Display Team.

The committee have brought back a Civic Queen and in 2014 it was Izzy Mein that was picked from a ballot that is held by the pupils and staff at Dalbeattie High School.


Dalbeattie Museum wishes Civic Daze continuing success in the furture and years to come!

park 1970/80s