Photographs of Dalbeattie

1969 Pims Boy Club Trip








1969 Pims Boy Club Trip










1969 Pims Boy Club Trip









1969 Pims Boy Club Trip










1969 Pims Boy Club











 Trefoil Club at Museum









Dalbeattie Trefoil Guild Group at Dalbeattie Museum 

1947 snow

In 1947 Dalbeattie saw its biggest fall of snow.

Glove Factory



This picture is of the girls that worked in the Glove factory on the High Street. They made gloves that went all over the world but the most famous was a pair of gloves made for all  "Scotts Antartic Expeditions".


Mr T. Aitchisons Shop

Mr T Aitchisons shop was on the left hand side of the High Street as you came down passed the town hall, Dalbeattie. He also sold fruit and was a confectioners.

Dalbeattie had many shop on the High street. They started under the town clock with the Post office run by Miss Gillespie as postmistress. Next was Mrs Gowan, grocer, who was helped by her son Ralph. Then Mr William Davie, draper, who was to become provost later on. The town hall was run by a mister John Robson who was a policeman. Sam Telfers, clothier, Rutherford the clogmaker, Kennan the saddle maker, hairdresser, tobacconist named Burnet, boot and shoes shop owned by Mr Blyth also an ironmonger Mr Blyth later expanded to Mill street. King Arms pub, Paterson a painter who moved to Dumfries then it was owned by Mr Mundell, next Whyte's the grocer. This business was run by Tom and George, who later then went on to own The Commercial hotel. Mr M'Cann barber was next, Mr Alex M'Gill, greengrocer, Kingstree's boot shop, Plunkets fish shop and greengrocer, next saddler Mr M'George.Then Mr John Craik, shoemaker, he had four sons John , Robert, David and Jamie. Mr Samuel Caven, draper and outfitter. Sam Caven was next door ( originally Mr Caven had a book shop on the opposite side of the street next to Maxwell the bookseller). At the opposite corner of Southwick Road was the shop owned by Mr Dugald M'Laurin, grocer, which was taken over later by Messers Robert Gray and Son. Mr Gray was Mr M'Laurin's right hand man. On the opposite side of the High Street was Rae the bakers run by Mrs Rae. She had 3 sons Walter, John (Invis) and James. Grieves was next door, he was a printer. Mr Grieve later on took his printing works to Minerva House on Southwick Road. Next was the Commercial under the direction of Mr Little town clerk and solicitor. Mr J.C Bell clogmaker was next. Mr Todd's shop was next and was a tailors. Above this was Balie Thomas Frasers. Mr Fraser built MaxwellKnowe. He went into a grocers business with Mr McTagart , then the shop went to Messers Howie Brothers. The chemist was next owned by Mr Hugh Kerr. Next Mr Gourlays tailor, Tom Sturgeon shoemaker, Bob Maxwell bookseller but also the place you registered births, deaths and marriages. Bailie William Jack, bakers. This shop was handed down many generations. Mr Matthew Murray's, chemist shop was next. Lindsay's grocer, with a china shop next. Then Mr Maxwell Butcher, he had a large family 17 children. Glendinning's ironmongers shop came next. Mr M'Kay, grocer. Mrs M'Minn, milliner. Josiah Ferguson, boot and shoe shop. Mr J.D M'Clymont, bookseller. Next was the Crown Pub run by Mr and Mrs Crosbie. Mr Robert Wallach, plumber. Near the Brig En' was Kirk's, grocer. Mr Paterson, draper, later owned by Ewart and Halliday then owned by Mr Porter. Mr Milligan, bookseller later owned by Miss Spencelayh. Then the shop went to a Miss Craig. Next shop was M'Gowan bootshop. Neil Milroy was next, butcher. Last of all the shop was Mr Morrison the watchmaker, later owned by Mr Ewart from Dumfries then Mr Monaghan.

High Street Dalbeattie

 Dalbeattie Station









Dalbeattie tation was at the top of Station Road in Dalbeattie and it won many prizes for being the best kept station.

Burn Street Dalbeattie Clog Makers shop

 Dalbeattie Harbour













Dalbeattie had a very busy harbour that was five miles from the sea. The boats were pulled up to Dalbeattie from Palnackie by horse. The boats came from all over the world.

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