Comrades of the two World Wars 1914 - 1918


1939 - 1945

The names that appear on our memorial that stands proudly in our park has 106 names.

C.Airley, James Allan,  D Barrowman, James Blacklock, N Boates, D. Brown, J. Boyd, J. Broadfoot, M. Brown, James Brown. Chris Caig, George Caldow, James Callender, James Campbell, J Curruthers, J. Carson,

Wm Carswell, Joseph Caven, D. Chalmers, R Copland, J. Dill, W. Dixon, D. Dixon, Thomas Dobbie,

Michael Dolan, John Dowdes, James Drain, Joe Ferguson, John Fortune, D.Geddes, T. Geddes, M. Gilmore, James Gourlay, J. Gowan, F. Green, James Halliday, Alex Hamilton, John Hannah, J. Harriman,

Duff Henderson, Joe Henderson, A Huxlable, R. Ireland, James Jardine, J. Kinnan, Clark Kennedy, Wm Kerr,

J. Kirkpatrick, F. Lee, George Mansfield, S Markham, Sidney Marriott, G. Maxwell, J. McAdam, Sam McCaig,  T. Mclelland, R. McDonald, Wm McGhie, A. McHenry, Andy McKie, J. McKinnell, John McMutrie, Jas McMutrie, Wm McWhirter, A. McWilliam, F. McGhie, Alex Millar, A. Millburn, W. Millburn, W. Milroy, W Monaghan,

John Morrison, Alex Muirhead, W. Murray, A. Neilson, A. Niven, John Paton, Jessie J Patterson, Jas W Pool, W. Proudfoot, George Purdie, W.Rae, John Rain, M. Richardson, Joe Richardson,

John Riddick, R. Robertson, Tom Robertson,

W. Slingby, Nat Sloan, M.B Smith W. Smith, Wm Solley, John Watson Steel,

JJ. Stevenson, Jas Sturgeon, A Strurgeon, Wm Sturgeon, R. Swanson, R. Teesdale, RJ Thomson, Jas Varcy, J. weeks, JT Wright,

Gordon Wykes, A. Young, McAdam, McGuffog

Bandstand and War Memorial Dalbeattie

Unveiling the war memorial

Dalbeattie War Memorial was unveiled on Sunday 4th 1921, by a local war hero, Mr William Alexander, who was blinded while in action serving with the Royal Scots Fusiliers. The address was given by

Mr W.J.H. Maxwell of Munches. Two of whose sons are listed on the memorial.

It is a hexagonal pillar surmounted by a Galloway Lion. The whole memorial is made from Dalbeattie Granite. The design was under the advice of

Mr W. S. McGeorge R.S.A  and

Mr E. A. Hornel, an artist from Kirkcudbright.

Dalbeattie Cemetery also has 9 Commonwealth War Graves.

Sergeant W Sturgeon- Kings Own Scottish Borderers, 

Jeannie Turnbull Wright - Queen Marys Army Auxiliary Corps

Lance Corporal F Young- Border Regiment

Private John McDonald- Highland  Light Infantry (City of Glasgow Regiment)

Driver. Brydson Ewart - Royal Engineers

Sergeant James Stretton - Royal Air Force Volunterr Reserve

Sergeant Joseph Wykes- Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

Lance Corporal George Marr- Corps of Military Police

Colour Sergeant A.S. Syme - Kings Own Scttish Borderers


The flag draping the coffin is the Canadian "Red Ensign" which until 1921 carried the crests of the 4 founding Provinces. (One of which has a distinctive red cross) and parade was making its way to Dalbeattie Cemetery.. 


The soldier was Sergeant Thomas William of the 2nd Battalion, Canadian Infantry from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.


He had been wounded in June 1916 and while recovering he visited his brother Captain John Hugh Johnston who was serving with the Canadian Forestry Corps at Orchardton near Auchencairn. 


Thomas was fatally wounded by the accidental discharge of a hunting rifle and died in hospital in Dumfries on 23 January 1917..


He was buried with full military honours at Dalbeattie but after the war his body was re-interred in Peterhead Cemetery in Aberdeenshire (but no one knows why!)


These pictures and information was kindly shared by

Ken and Ann Morrison


Gun on Pond Collision park Dalbeattie

Girls Training Corps card- Kathleen Henderson (Roberts)

Reverse side of card


They shall not grow old, as that are left grow old:

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning,

We will remember them.



Constitution for Dalbeattie Museum Trust





Dalbeattie Museum Trust






type of organisation, Scottish principal office, name, purposes, powers, liability, general structure

clauses 1 - 10


qualifications for membership, application, subscription, register of members, withdrawal, transfer, re-registration, expulsion, termination

clauses 11 - 26



 members’ meetings, power to request members’ meeting, notice, procedure at members’ meetings, voting at members’ meetings, written resolutions, minutes

clauses 27 - 53


number,  eligibility, election/ retiral/re-election, termination of office, register of charity trustees, office bearers, powers, general duties, code of conduct

clauses 54 - 83



notice, procedure at board meetings, minutes

clauses 84 - 99


sub-committees, operation of accounts,  accounting records and annual accounts

clauses 100 - 108



winding up, alterations to the constitution, interpretation

clauses 109 - 114





Type of organisation


1             The organisation will, upon registration, be a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO).

Scottish principal office

2             The principal office of the organisation will be in Scotland (and must remain in Scotland).


3             The name of the organisation is Dalbeattie Museum Trust


4             The organisation’s purposes are:

4.1        The advancement of education of the public in the history of Dalbeattie

4.2        The advancement of the arts, heritage,culture or science.

4.3        To extend, enhance and maintain a collection of social historic materials; preserve and restore other materials for the purpose of public display; and to carry out works for the improvement and development of the museum.


5             The organisation has power to do anything which is calculated to further its purposes or is conducive or incidental to doing so. 

6             No part of the income or property of the organisation may be paid or transferred (directly or indirectly) to the members - either in the course of the organisation’s existence or on dissolution - except where this is done in direct furtherance of the organisation’s charitable purposes.

Liability of members

7             The members of the organisation have no liability to pay any sums to help to meet the debts (or other liabilities) of the organisation if it is wound up; accordingly, if the organisation is unable to meet its debts, the members will not be held responsible.

8             The members and charity trustees have certain legal duties under the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005; and clause 7 does not exclude (or limit) any personal liabilities they might incur if they are in breach of those duties or in breach of other legal obligations or duties that apply to them personally.

General structure

9             The structure of the organisation consists of:-

9.1         the MEMBERS - who have the right to attend members' meetings (including any annual general meeting) and have important powers under the constitution; in particular, the members appoint people to serve on the board and take decisions on changes to the constitution itself;

9.2         the BOARD - who hold regular meetings, and generally  control the activities of the organisation; for example, the board is responsible for monitoring and controlling the financial position of the organisation.

10          The people serving on the board are referred to in this constitution as CHARITY TRUSTEES. 



Qualifications for membership

11          Membership is open to any individual aged 16 or over who support the objects and purposes of the Dalbeattie Museum.

12          Employees of the organisation are not eligible for membership.

Application for membership

13          Any person who wishes to become a member must sign a written application for membership; the application will then be considered by the board at its next board meeting.

14          The board may, at its discretion, refuse to admit any person to membership.

15          The board must notify each applicant promptly (in writing or by e-mail) of its decision on whether or not to admit him/her to membership.

Membership subscription

16          No membership subscription will be payable. 

Register of members

17          The board must keep a register of members, setting out 

17.1     for each current member:

17.1.1his/her full name and address; and

17.1.2the date on which he/she was registered as a member of the organisation; 

17.2     for each former member - for at least six years from the date on he/she ceased to be a member:

17.2.1his/her name; and

17.2.2the date on which he/she ceased to be a member. 

18          The board must ensure that the register of members is updated within 28 days of any change:

18.1     which arises from a resolution of the board or a resolution passed by the members of the organisation; or 

18.2     which is notified to the organisation.  

19          If a member or charity trustee of the organisation requests a copy of the register of members, the board must ensure that a copy is supplied to him/her within 28 days, providing the request is reasonable; if the request is made by a member (rather than a charity trustee), the board may provide a copy which has the addresses blanked out.

Withdrawal from membership

20          Any person who wants to withdraw from membership must give a written notice of withdrawal to the organisation, signed by him/her; he/she will cease to be a member as from the time when the notice is received by the organisation.

Transfer of membership

21          Membership of the organisation may not be transferred by a member.

Re-registration of members

22          The board may, at any time, issue notices to the members requiring them to confirm that they wish to remain as members of the organisation, and allowing them a period of 28 days (running from the date of issue of the notice) to provide that confirmation to the board. 

23          If a member fails to provide confirmation to the board (in writing or by e-mail) that he/she wishes to remain as a member of the organisation before the expiry of the 28-day period referred to in clause 22, the board may expel him/her from membership.

24          A notice under clause 22will not be valid unless it refers specifically to the consequences (under clause 23) of failing to provide confirmation within the 28-day period.  

Expulsion from membership

25          Any person may be expelled from membership by way of a resolution passed by not less than two thirds of those present and voting at a members' meeting, providing the following procedures have been observed:-

25.1     at least 21 days’ notice of the intention to propose the resolution must be given to the member concerned, specifying the grounds for the proposed expulsion;

25.2     the member concerned will be entitled to be heard on the resolution at the members' meeting at which the resolution is proposed.


26          Membership of the organisation will terminate on death. 



Members’ meetings

27          The board must arrange a meeting of members (an annual general meeting or "AGM") in each calendar year.

28          The gap between one AGM and the next must not be longer than 15 months.

29          Notwithstanding clause 27, an AGM does not need to be held during the calendar year in which the organisation is formed; but the first AGM must still be held within 15 months of the date on which the organisation is formed.

30          The business of each AGM must include:-

30.1     a report by the chair on the activities of the organisation;

30.2     consideration of the annual accounts of the organisation;

30.3     the election/re-election of charity trustees, as referred to in clauses 59 to 62.

31          The board may arrange a special members' meeting at any time.

Power to request the board to arrange a special members’ meeting

32          The board must arrange a special members’ meeting if they are requested to do so by a notice (which may take the form of two or more documents in the same terms, each signed by one or more members) by members who amount to 5% or more of the total membership of the organisation at the time, providing:

32.1     the notice states the purposes for which the meeting is to be held; and

32.2     those purposes are not inconsistent with the terms of this constitution, the Charities and Trustee (Investment) Scotland Act 2005 or any other statutory provision.

33          If the board receive a notice under clause 32, the date for the meeting which they arrange in accordance with the notice must not be later than 28 days from the date on which they received the notice.

Notice of members’ meetings

34          At least 14 clear days’ notice must be given of any AGM or any special members' meeting.

35          The notice calling a members' meeting must specify in general terms what business is to be dealt with at the meeting; and

35.1      in the case of a resolution to alter the constitution, must set out the exact terms of the proposed alteration(s); or

35.2      in the case of any other resolution falling within clause 45 (requirement for two-thirds majority) must set out the exact terms of the resolution.

36          The reference to “clear days” in clause 34shall be taken to mean that, in calculating the period of notice, 

36.1     the day after the notices are posted (or sent by e-mail) should be excluded; and 

36.2     the day of the meeting itself should also be excluded.

37          Notice of every members' meeting must be given to all the members of the organisation, and to all the charity trustees; but the accidental omission to give notice to one or more members will not invalidate the proceedings at the meeting.

38          Any notice which requires to be given to a member under this constitution must be: -

38.1     sent by post to the member, at the address last notified by him/her to the organisation; or 

38.2     sent by e-mail to the member, at the e-mail address last notified by him/her to the organisation.

Procedure at members’ meetings

39          No valid decisions can be taken at any members' meeting unless a quorum is present. 

40          The quorum for a members' meeting and/or AGM is 30% members, present in person.  

41          If a quorum is not present within 15 minutes after the time at which a members' meeting was due to start - or if a quorum ceases to be present during a members' meeting - the meeting cannot proceed; and fresh notices of meeting will require to be sent out, to deal with the business (or remaining business) which was intended to be conducted. 

42          The chair of the organisation should act as chairperson of each members' meeting.

43          If the chair of the organisation is not present within 15 minutes after the time at which the meeting was due to start (or is not willing to act as chairperson), the charity trustees present at the meeting must elect (from among themselves) the person who will act as chairperson of that meeting.


Voting at members’ meetings

44          Every member has one vote, which must be given personally.

45          All decisions at members' meetings will be made by majority vote - with the exception of the types of resolution listed in clause 46.

46          The following resolutions will be valid only if passed by not less than two thirds of those voting on the resolution at a members’ meeting (or if passed by way of a written resolution under clause 50):

46.1     a resolution amending the constitution;

46.2     a resolution expelling a person from membership under clause 25;

46.3     a resolution directing the board to take any particular step (or directing the board not to take any particular step);

46.4     a resolution approving the amalgamation of the organisation with another SCIO (or approving the constitution of the new SCIO to be constituted as the successor pursuant to that amalgamation);

46.5     a resolution to the effect that all of the organisation’s property, rights and liabilities should be transferred to another SCIO (or agreeing to the transfer from another SCIO of all of its property, rights and liabilities);

46.6     a resolution for the winding up or dissolution of the organisation.

47          If there is an equal number of votes for and against any resolution, the chairperson of the meeting will be entitled to a second (casting) vote.

48          A resolution put to the vote at a members' meeting will be decided on a show of hands - unless the chairperson (or at least two other members present at the meeting) ask for a secret ballot.

49          The chairperson will decide how any secret ballot is to be conducted, and he/she will declare the result of the ballot at the meeting.  

Written resolutions by members

50          A resolution agreed to in writing (or by e-mail) by all the members will be as valid as if it had been passed at a members’ meeting; the date of the resolution will be taken to be the date on which the last member agreed to it.


51          The board must ensure that proper minutes are kept in relation to all members' meetings.

52          Minutes of members' meetings must include the names of those present; and (so far as possible) should be signed by the chairperson of the meeting.

53          [The board shall make available copies of the minutes referred to in clause 51to any member of the public requesting them; but on the basis that the board may exclude confidential material to the extent permitted under clause 99.]


Number of charity trustees

54          The maximum number of charity trustees is 15; out of that:

54.1     no more than 10 shall be charity trustees who were elected/appointed under clauses 59and 60(or deemed to have been appointed under clause 58); and 

54.2     no more than 3 shall be charity trustees who were co-opted under the provisions of clauses 63and 64.  

55          The minimum number of charity trustees is 5


56          A person shall not be eligible for election/appointment to the board under clauses 58 to 61 unless he/she is a member of the organisation; a person appointed to the board under clause 63need not, however, be a member of the organisation.

57          A person will not be eligible for election or appointment to the board if he/she is: -

57.1     disqualified from being a charity trustee under the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005; or

57.2     an employee of the organisation.

Initial charity trustees

58          The individuals who signed the charity trustee declaration forms which accompanied the application for incorporation of the organisation shall be deemed to have been appointed by the members as charity trustees with effect from the date of incorporation of the organisation.

Election, retiral, re-election 

59          At each AGM, the members may elect any member (unless he/she is debarred from membership under clause 57) to be a charity trustee.

60          The board may at any time appoint any member (unless he/she is debarred from membership under clause 57) to be a charity trustee.

61          At each AGM, all of the charity trustees elected/appointed under clauses 59and 60(and, in the case of the first AGM, those deemed to have been appointed under clause 58) shall retire from office – but shall then be eligible for re-election under clause 59. 

62          A charity trustee retiring at an AGM will be deemed to have been re-elected unless: -

62.1     he/she advises the board prior to the conclusion of the AGM that he/she does not wish to be re-appointed as a charity trustee; or

62.2     an election process was held at the AGM and he/she was not among those elected/re-elected through that process; or 

62.3     a resolution for the re-election of that charity trustee was put to the AGM and was not carried.

Appointment/re-appointment of co-opted charity trustees

63          In addition to their powers under clause 60, the board may at any time appoint any non-member of the organisation to be a charity trustee (subject to clause 54, and providing he/she is not debarred from membership under clause 57) on the basis that he/she has specialist experience and/or skills which could be of assistance to the board.

64          At each AGM, all of the charity trustees appointed under clause 63shall retire from office – but shall then be eligible for re-appointment under that clause.

Termination of office

65          A charity trustee will automatically cease to hold office if: -

65.1     he/she becomes disqualified from being a charity trustee under the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005;

65.2     he/she becomes incapable for medical reasons of carrying out his/her duties as a charity trustee - but only if that has continued (or is expected to continue) for a period of more than six months;

65.3     (in the case of a charity trustee elected/appointed under clauses 58 to 62) he/she ceases to be a member of the organisation;

65.4     he/she becomes an employee of the organisation;

65.5     he/she gives the organisation a notice of resignation, signed by him/her;

65.6     he/she is absent (without good reason, in the opinion of the board) from more than three consecutive meetings of the board - but only if the board resolves to remove him/her from office;

65.7     he/she is removed from office by resolution of the board on the grounds that he/she is considered to have committed a material breach of the code of conduct for charity trustees (as referred to in clause 82);

65.8     he/she is removed from office by resolution of the board on the grounds that he/she is considered to have been in serious or persistent  breach of his/her duties under section 66(1) or (2) of the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005; or

65.9     he/she is removed from office by a resolution of the members passed at a members’ meeting.

66          A resolution under paragraph 65.7, 65.8or 65.9shall be valid only if: -

66.1      the charity trustee who is the subject of the resolution is given reasonable prior written notice of the grounds upon which the resolution for his/her removal is to be proposed;

66.2      the charity trustee concerned is given the opportunity to address the meeting at which the resolution is proposed, prior to the resolution being put to the vote; and

66.3      (in the case of a resolution under paragraph 65.7or 65.8) at least two thirds (to the nearest round number) of the charity trustees then in office vote in favour of the resolution.

Register of charity trustees

67           The board must keep a register of charity trustees, setting out

67.1     for each current charity trustee:

67.1.1his/her full name and address; 

67.1.2the date on which he/she was appointed as a charity trustee; and

67.1.3any office held by him/her in the organisation;  

67.2     for each former charity trustee - for at least 6 years from the date on which he/she ceased to be a charity trustee:

67.2.1the name of the charity trustee;

67.2.2any office held by him/her in the organisation; and

67.2.3the date on which he/she ceased to be a charity trustee. 

68          The board must ensure that the register of charity trustees is updated within 28 days of any change:

68.1     which arises from a resolution of the board or a resolution passed by the members of the organisation; or 

68.2     which is notified to the organisation.  

69          If any person requests a copy of the register of charity trustees, the board must ensure that a copy is supplied to him/her within 28 days, providing the request is reasonable; if the request is made by a person who is not a charity trustee of the organisation, the board may provide a copy which has the addresses blanked out - if the SCIO is satisfied that including that information is likely to jeopardise the safety or security of any person or premises.


70          The charity trustees must elect (from among themselves) a chair, a treasurer and a secretary.

71          In addition to the office-bearers required under clause 70, the charity trustees may elect (from among themselves) further office-bearers if they consider that appropriate.

72          All of the office-bearers will cease to hold office at the conclusion of each AGM, but may then be re-elected under clause 70or 71. 

73          A person elected to any office will automatically cease to hold that office: -

73.1     if he/she ceases to be a charity trustee; or

73.2     if he/she gives to the organisation a notice of resignation from that office, signed by him/her.

Powers of board

74          Except where this constitution states otherwise, the organisation (and its assets and operations) will be managed by the board; and the board may exercise all the powers of the organisation.

75          A meeting of the board at which a quorum is present may exercise all powers exercisable by the board.

76          The members may, by way of a resolution passed in compliance with clause 46(requirement for two-thirds majority), direct the board to take any particular step or direct the board not to take any particular step; and the board shall give effect to any such direction accordingly.

Charity trustees - general duties

77          Each of the charity trustees has a duty, in exercising functions as a charity trustee, to act in the interests of the organisation; and, in particular, must:-

77.1     seek, in good faith, to ensure that the organisation acts in a manner which is in accordance with its purposes;

77.2     act with the care and diligence which it is reasonable to expect of a person who is managing the affairs of another person;

77.3     in circumstances giving rise to the possibility of a conflict of interest between the organisation and any other party:

77.3.1put the interests of the organisation before that of the other party;

77.3.2where any other duty prevents him/her from doing so, disclose the conflicting interest to the organisation and refrain from participating in any deliberation or decision of the other charity trustees with regard to the matter in question;

77.4     ensure that the organisation complies with any direction, requirement, notice or duty imposed  under or by virtue of the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005.

78          In addition to the duties outlined in clause 77, all of the charity trustees must take such steps as are reasonably practicable for the purpose of ensuring: -

78.1     that any breach of any of those duties by a charity trustee is corrected by the charity trustee concerned and not repeated; and

78.2     that any trustee who has been in serious and persistent breach of those duties is removed as a trustee.

79          Provided he/she has declared his/her interest - and has not voted on the question of whether or not the organisation should enter into the arrangement - a charity trustee will not be debarred from entering into an arrangement with the organisation in which he/she has a personal interest; and (subject to clause 80and to the provisions relating to remuneration for services contained in the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005), he/she may retain any personal benefit which arises from that arrangement.

80          No charity trustee may serve as an employee (full time or part time) of the organisation; and no charity trustee may be given any remuneration by the organisation for carrying out his/her duties as a charity trustee. 

81          The charity trustees may be paid all travelling and other expenses reasonably incurred by them in connection with carrying out their duties; this may include expenses relating to their attendance at meetings.

Code of conduct for charity trustees

82          Each of the charity trustees shall comply with the code of conduct (incorporating detailed rules on conflict of interest) prescribed by the board from time to time.

83          The code of conduct referred to in clause 82shall be supplemental to the provisions relating to the conduct of charity trustees contained in this constitution and the duties imposed on charity trustees under the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005; and all relevant provisions of this constitution shall be interpreted and applied in accordance with the provisions of the code of conduct in force from time to time



Notice of board meetings

84          Any charity trustee may call a meeting of the board orask the secretary to call a meeting of the board.

85          At least 7 days' notice must be given of each board meeting, unless (in the opinion of the person calling the meeting) there is a degree of urgency which makes that inappropriate.

Procedure at board meetings

86          No valid decisions can be taken at a board meeting unless a quorum is present; the quorum for board meetings is 5 charity trustees, present in person.

87          If at any time the number of charity trustees in office falls below the number stated as the quorum in clause 86, the remaining charity trustee(s) will have power to fill the vacancies or call a members' meeting - but will not be able to take any other valid decisions.

88          The chair of the organisation should act as chairperson of each board meeting.

89          If the chair is not present within 15 minutes after the time at which the meeting was due to start (or is not willing to act as chairperson), the charity trustees present at the meeting must elect (from among themselves) the person who will act as chairperson of that meeting. 

90          Every charity trustee has one vote, which must be given personally. 

91          All decisions at board meetings will be made by majority vote.

92          If there is an equal number of votes for and against any resolution, the chairperson of the meeting will be entitled to a second (casting) vote.

93          The board may, at its discretion, allow any person to attend and speak at a board meeting notwithstanding that he/she is not a charity trustee - but on the basis that he/she must not participate in decision-making.

94          A charity trustee must not vote at a board meeting (or at a meeting of a sub-committee) on any resolution which relates to a matter in which he/she has a personal interest or duty which conflicts (or may conflict) with the interests of the organisation; he/she must withdraw from the meeting while an item of that nature is being dealt with.

95          For the purposes of clause 94: -

95.1     an interest held by an individual who is “connected” with the charity trustee under section 68(2) of the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005 (husband/wife, partner, child, parent, brother/sister etc) shall be deemed to be held by that charity trustee;

95.2     a charity trustee will be deemed to have a personal interest in relation to a particular matter if a body in relation to which he/she is an employee, director, member of the management committee, officer or elected representative has an interest in that matter.


96          The board must ensure that proper minutes are kept in relation to all board meetings and meetings of sub-committees.

97          The minutes to be kept under clause 96must include the names of those present; and (so far as possible) should be signed by the chairperson of the meeting.

98          [The board shall (subject to clause 99) make available copies of the minutes referred to in clause 96to any member of the public requesting them.]

99          [The board may exclude from any copy minutes made available to a member of the public under clause 98any material which the board considers ought properly to be kept confidential - on the grounds that allowing access to such material could cause significant prejudice to the interests of the organisation or on the basis that the material contains reference to employee or other matters which it would be inappropriate to divulge.]


Delegation to sub-committees

100       The board may delegate any of their powers to sub-committees; a sub-committee must include at least one charity trustee, but other members of a sub-committee need not be charity trustees.

101       The board may also delegate to the chair of the organisation (or the holder of any other post) such of their powers as they may consider appropriate.

102       When delegating powers under clause 100or 101, the board must set out appropriate conditions (which must include an obligation to report regularly to the board).

103       Any delegation of powers under clause 100or 101may be revoked or altered by the board at any time.

104       The rules of procedure for each sub-committee, and the provisions relating to membership of each sub-committee, shall be set by the board.

Operation of accounts

105       Subject to clause 106, the signatures of two out of three signatories, who are not connected, appointed by the board will be required in relation to all operations (other than the lodging of funds) on the bank and building society accounts held by the organisation; at least one out of the two signatures must be the signature of a charity trustee.

106       Where the organisation uses electronic facilities for the operation of any bank or building society account, the authorisations required for operations on that account must be consistent with the approach reflected in clause 105.

Accounting records and annual accounts

107       The board must ensure that proper accounting records are kept, in accordance with all applicable statutory requirements.

108       The board must prepare annual accounts, complying with all relevant statutory requirements; if an audit is required under any statutory provisions (or if the board consider that an audit would be appropriate for some other reason), the board should ensure that an audit of the accounts is carried out by a qualified auditor.



109       If the organisation is to be wound up or dissolved, the winding-up or dissolution process will be carried out in accordance with the procedures set out under the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005. 

110       Any surplus assets available to the organisation immediately preceding its winding up or dissolution must be used for purposes which are the same as - or which closely resemble - the purposes of the organisation as set out in this constitution. 


Alterations to the constitution

111        This constitution may (subject to clause 112) be altered by resolution of the members passed at a members’ meeting (subject to achieving the two thirds majority referred to in clause 46) or by way of a written resolution of the members.  

112       The Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005 prohibits taking certain steps (eg change of name, an alteration to the purposes, amalgamation, winding-up) without the consent of the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR).




113       References in this constitution to the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005 should be taken to include: -

113.1  any statutory provision which adds to, modifies or replaces that Act; and 

113.2  any statutory instrument issued in pursuance of that Act or in pursuance of any statutory provision falling under paragraph 113.1above.

114       In this constitution: - 

114.1   “charity” means a body which is either a “Scottish charity” within the meaning of section 13 of the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005 or a “charity” within the meaning of section 1 of the Charities Act 2011, providing (in either case) that its objects are limited to charitable purposes;

114.2   “charitable purpose” means a charitable purpose under section 7 of the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005 which is also regarded as a charitable purpose in relation to the application of the Taxes Acts.


Dalbeattie Museum (“we”, ”our”, “us”) respect the privacy of our members, friends of the Museum, donors, Trustees and website users (“you”) and we recognise the need for appropriate protections and management of your personal information. 
When we collect and use your personal information and special category data, we are the data controller for the purpose of Data Protection Legislation (defined below). 
We have prepared this Privacy Notice to assist you in understanding what information we collect about you and how that information is used by us.
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Personal information is information that can be used to identify or contact a specific individual, such as a name, address, telephone number, email address, etc., and also online identifiers and location data such as IP addresses and mobile device IDs. 
Special category data means personal information revealing your racial or ethnic origin; political opinions; religious or philosophical beliefs; or trade union membership; genetic data; biometric data; data related to your health or data concerning your sex life or sexual orientation; and criminal convictions or involvement in criminal proceedings. 
A data controller is someone who decides why personal data is to be collected and how it will be used and treated. 
If you have any questions regarding the Privacy Notice you can contact us at: 81 High Street, Dalbeattie,
DG5 4BT or at
If you are unhappy with how we handle your personal information you can write to us using the contact details noted above; and / or notify the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) (please see: for more information).
Contact details such as name, address, email address, telephone number
To keep you updated about our work and keep you up to date about your membership with us.
Contactual obligation (of your membership with us).
If you are not a member, we will keep you updated on our work by post and by live telephone call based on our legitimate interests. 
We will only contact you by email with your prior consent. 
We will not be able to keep you updated on our work and your membership opportunities.
Date of birth
If you are a Trustee, we need to provide this information to OSCR.
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Please note that if you choose to exercise your rights to have personal data restricted or deleted, then we may not be able to continue to offer you membership or keep you updated with our work.
Further details about your rights can be found on the ICO’s website at

Our Museum Celebrates 25 Years















Dalbeattie museum has joined facebook. We hope you will enjoy visiting our page and keeping in contact with us. As our moto is " Not only to look back but to look forward", we feel we must keep up to-date with the world.

We shall do our best to keep it up to-date. Telling you about our meeting and answering any questions you might have. 

Thank you for your support.

James Clerk Maxwell Talk by Capt D. Ferguson

James Clerk Maxwell lecture by Capt Duncan Ferguson 

Our first open meeting of 2015  was on Sunday 29th March and was very well attended with members and friends enjoying a talk by Capt Duncan Ferguson, who's talk was on the subject of James clerk maxwell from Glenlair.
The meeting started with chairman Donald Henderson giving a quick report on what has happened in the museum over the winter months. The theme for this year main exhibition is to be about the local railway line called the paddy line.

Donald spoke about dates for the 2015 Calander, such as our coffee morning on June 27 th in the lesser town hall at 10am and then the following day the 28th, there will be a talk in the church centre , Craignair street, with our speaker Mr Angus Rex , talking about the lost railways Of Galloway . 
This was then Followed by treasurer Mr bill brothwick giving  a financial report. 

After the museum business then . Donald introduced Capt d Ferguson from Glenlair. Capt Ferguson gave a light hearted illustrated talk on the life of James clerk maxwell .

After the lecture the members and friends had refreshments.

Chairmans Report 2014

Dalbeattie Museum Trust Limited held its recent Annual General Meeting in the Church Centre, Craignair Street, Dalbeattie where over 50 members and friends attended.


Donald Henderson, Chairman, read out his annual report in which he thanked all the volunteers for their hard work and effort in making 2014 another great season for the museum. The comments written in the visitor’s book reflected good positive feedback and prove what an asset the museum is to the town. The website is now very popular and is viewed from as far a field as Canada and North America.


The main exhibition this year related to both First and Second World Wars and was a great attraction to the younger generation who asked many questions about the exhibits.  The Chairman also gave a resume of the work, which had been done to the museum roof, and the fitting of new security cameras.  He concluded his speech with a report on the Christmas window display that the “Wednesday Club” had been working on.  The main exhibition for 2015 will be on the history of the railway line that ran from Dumfries to Stranraer via Dalbeattie and was known locally as “The Paddy Line.” Next year will be the 50th anniversary of the closure of Dalbeattie station and its line. The museum is looking for donations of artefacts relating to the railway that can be loaned to us for the summer months to be displayed.


Finally, two dates for your diary next year, the first being our next Open Meeting on 29th March and secondly, our Coffee Morning in the Lesser Town Hall, Dalbeattie on 27th June and we look forward to seeing you all at these events.

Tommy Henderson becomes a Life President!

Tommy Henderson "Life President", Of Dalbeattie Museum


Dalbeattie Museum has a new "Life President", Tommy Henderson accepted this position at the Dalbeattie Museum A.G.M. Donald Henderson becomes "Chairman", Donald is the son of Mr Tommy Henderson.

Donald shall work along side his dad to share some of the responsibilities for the running of Dalbeattie Museum. Donald has helped his dad since the first thought of having a museum in Dalbeattie, but looks forward to his new position.

Donald Henderson, New Chairman of Dalbeattie Museum



20 Years Celebration



Cake for celebration20 Years Celebration

A great buzz was in the museum on Saturday 30th March, as we celebrated the museum being open for 20 years.

Cake Cutting


This is quite an achievement for a small town museum that is self funded.





cutting cake2

Cake Cutting3


Donald giving his speech

Visitors come to help us celebrate















Donald Henderson gave a speech in appreciation not only to the loyal band of volunteers but to Tommy Henderson having the foresight to build the museum, when many people thought it would not work.  

Many visitors on holiday were encouraged to join in the celebration.  In total 91 visitors had visited the museum on Saturday.

Visitors come to help us celebrate



Tommy Cutting Cake









A crowd of 55 watched as Chairman Tommy Henderson cut the cake.


Loyal Band of Volunteers


Tommy Henderson and Stan Norman, who helped build museum











Dalbeattie Museum Committee







Tommy Henderson and Mr Stan Norman. Stan was a volunteer who helped build the museum 20 years ago and is Dalbeattie Museums oldest member at the age of 99.



  Bobby McLauchlan, Donald Henderson and Tommy Henderson




A great day was had by all and we look forward to the next 20 years!


Donald Henderson and his Dad Tommy Henderson










   Waiting on celebrations to start






 Bobby McLauchlan and Erica Johnson





  Visitors getting shown around






 20 Years party





  20 Years party








Thank you for making our day memorable.

Decca Navigator MK53


Decca Navigator MK3 Presentation

 Donald Henderson with Willie Williamson presenting Decca Radio

On Saturday 9th March, Donald Henderson welcomed Mr Willie Williamson from Birkenhead to our museum. Mr Williamson is the archivist for the Radio Officers Association. He came to the museum to personally hand deliver a Decca Navigator MK53.

The Decca Navigator MK53 is a hyperbolic radio navigation aid for shipping. It is operated by measuring the phase differences between continuous signals from a master and slave stations. These differences were then related to a hyperbolic lines printed on a chart. Then your position could be found.


Dalbeattie Museum is thrilled to add this navigation aid too its radio collection, and it shall be on display for our visitors to see.

Radio Display

Dalbeattie Museum would just like to Thank, Mr Willie Williamson for his kind donation.  

Radio Memorabilia display


Come Celebrate with Us....

On Saturday 30th March at 11am onwards, Dalbeattie Museum invites you to join us, in the museum, to celebrate 20 years since the museum threw open its doors and welcomed its first visitors.

It was a wonderful day and many people came and supported the museum and the members had a feeling that the museum just might be a success. Thousands of visitors have come to see our collection and leave lovely comments in our visitors book like " Arrived as strangers but left as friends".opening day 20 years ago

Since that day we have written a book.Through the lens book

This book was such a huge success, and the profits helped the running costs of the building.


Second book written by Tommy HendersonSecond book was written by Tommy Henderson and was also a success.


We sold items in a charity shop.Billy Wood And Tommy Henderson setting up charity shop






We have held exhibitions.     













 Mr Ello Whalen opened our stairlift, so that our disabled visitors can see our display on the upper level


Original volunteer Mr Ello Whalen on Stairlift




We have done so much more, so come along to the museum on the 30th march and let us tell you our story!

Presentation to Donald Henderson

Presentation of Trophy to Donald Henderson

  A presentation was made to Dalbeattie Museum member, Donald Henderson, of the Hilda Kelday Trophy by the Wigtownshire Amateur Radio Club for Organising the successful "Titanic Weekend", in the museum. On this weekend over 1000 contacts were made around the world from the special event station. The station was based in the museum over the whole weekend. The station had a special callsign of GB100 MUC

The Museum would like to "Thank" the members of the Wigtownshire Amateur Radio Club and Dumfries and Galloway RAYNET Group for making this event the success it was.

Radio Callsign Leaflet      Radio Room in Museum for Titanic weekend



Wine and Cake at the Museum

Visitors to the Dalbeattie Museum on the 30th of September got quite a surprise when they discovered a party atmosphere. Most of the volunteers were there to celebrate with the chairman, Tommy Henderson and his wife, Phemie Henderson in celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary.

Tommy and Phemie Henderson on their Golden Wedding

Wine, cake and nibbles were available to all who attended, including the visitors. This event coincided  with the "Day Of The Region", so the museum had a few extra visitors.

Visitors numbers to the museum are again up from the previous year, taking the total this year to over 7000 people through the door. The "Titanic" exhibition has been a huge success, with visitors arriving from all over the world.

The Museum will close its doors for this season on the 31st October 2012.

Tommy Henderson (Chairman), would just like to take this opportunity  to "Thank" each and everyone who has supported us in any way, and hope you will all come back and visit us again in 2013!

Esther Rantzen and Dalbeattie Museum


On Saturday 11th August Dalbeattie Museum welcomed TV presenter Esther Rantzen through its doors. After such an exciting summer with the "Titanic Exhibition" bring many new visitors, this was the "Icing on the cake", for the museum. Esther, Ada and Carolyne arrive at the museum 

Esther Rantzen and Ada Johnston entering Dalbeattie Museum







Esther arrived at 11am with her friend Mrs Ada Johnston along with Ken and Carolyne Miller. There was an exciting buzz surrounding the museum and the visitors who were already in the museum got a huge surprise when Esther walked in. Ada introduced Esther to Mr Tommy Henderson (Chairman) and to other volunteers who had managed to attend. Esther chatted to each and everyone of them. Tommy then gave Esther a guided tour of the museum. When they were looking at the display deplicting the granite industry , Mr Donald Henderson told her why the granite is so famous in Dalbeattie.Esther And Ada at the dress Ada made.


Esther then proceeded upstairs to the main display area and she and Ada chatted about the dress that had brought then together many years before.  Dalbeattie Museum Volunteers and Esther Rantzen


Esther and Tommy in the main display area   After many pictures were taken Esther, Ada, Ken and Carolyne left as Esther had to judge the parade.






Tommy Henderson said " This has proven to be one of the more interesting days in the museum this year and we would like to "Thank" Esther Rantzen for taking time out to come and visit our museum. It was great!".        

Esther Rantzen signs our visitors book





Dalbeattie Museum would just like to "Thank" Suzanne Baxter for letting us use her photographs.

To read why Mrs Ada Johnston and Esther Rantzen became friends then go to our Stories pages and click on              Ada Johnston, The Big Time.




Civic Day 2012

Tommy Henderson and Morris Car

On Saturday 11th August 2012, Dalbeattie Museum at the last minute decided to put an entry into the parade. This was to promote the museum and remind visitors to go and see the museum while in Dalbeattie for all the civic day events.

Mr John Wilson of Jas P Wilson, very kindly gave us the loan of his 1956 Morris Minor. It turned out to be the best parade Dalbeattie had seen in a long time and may have been due to the wonderful weather that day, as it was warm and sunny.

Tommy drove the car through the parade and said " It was great to see so many people enjoying themselves", Tommy also enjoyed driving the Morris, as he had one many years ago.


Morris in Parade in Dalbeattie


"TITANIC" Weekend




On Saturday 14th April the museum opened its doors at 10am and the first visitors through the doors were given a boarding pass, as if boarding the ship "Titanic". Throughout the day refreshments were offered along with nibbles.

White Star Boarding Pass

Entering further into the shop area children could have their picture taken at our reconstructed "Titanic Ship", re-enacting the scene from the film with Leonardo and Kate Winslet. This was a great hit. Graeme Henderson was then in-charge of printing out these pictures and handing them over as a souvenir of their visit.

Dalbeattie High School Badge


Another popular item was a badge that Dalbeattie High School had produced, which has the White Flag deplicted on it. This badge costs £1:50.


The Wigtownshire Amature Radio Club and Dumfries and Galloway RAYNET were using GB100MUC callsign over the weekend to commemorate RMS Titanic's 100th Anniversary and to William McMaster Murdoch, who was born in Dalbeattie on the 28th Februrary 1873. William Murdoch came from a seafaring family and rose to the rank First Officer with the White Star Line. William McMaster Murdoch was on the bridge of the Titanic as the ship hit the iceberg. The two radio groups had a great weekend having had over 1000 hits from other amature radio individuals from around the world.  Much more information on the Wigtownshire Amature Radio Club can be found on or or to see the calls we recieved.

Titanic Display

At 6pm the volunteers closed the doors, having welcomed over 210 visitors.


Sunday 15th April was another repeat of the day before and when the doors closed at 5pm another 105 visitors had came to see our Titanic exhibition and our other displays. 

Dalbeattie museum had had a great weekend and it was nice to see the museum full to bursting with visitors.

Tommy Henderson


Tommy Henderson chairman of Dalbeattie Museum would like to take this opportunity to Thank each and every visitor for attending but also to Thank his loyal band of volunteers for their continuing hard work and dedication to Dalbeattie Museum and for making the "Titanic Weekend" such a huge success.



Titanic Wreath

A surprise of the day was a visit from a direct relative of William McMasterMurdoch, who had travelled all the way from Liverpool.












Dalbeattie Museum remembers Mr. Ernie Robinson

The name Ernie Robinson will be known the whole world over through his passion for all things that had a connection with the sea. Especially Ernie's huge interest in all that sailed on the Solway Firth.

Ernie was a lecturer at one time in Penrith. He had a holiday home called "Victory Cottage" in the village of Portling in Dumfries and Galloway.  This was where Dalbeattie Museums President Mr Tommy Henderson was to first meet Ernie, as he had required an electrician to do some wiring at the cottage. This is almost 45 years ago and they became close friends ever since.

Tommy Henderson was encouraged by Ernie to start his Museum in Dalbeattie, even though Ernie never took an active part in the building of the Museum he was always in the background.

His knowledge of local history especially local ships and their captains, where and when each ship was built and even to how much they cost. He spent hours in London researching out information from Maritime records. All copied by long hand.

Ernie was a perfectionist especially if a wrong date appeared in type, as Tommy has found in the books which were gifted to the Museum.

The Museum now has the most comprehensive collection of facts and figures appertaining to the sailing vessels that frequented the Solway Firth and the River Urr, when the boats came up as far as Dalbeattie Harbour.

Ernie will be sadly missed by his friends and acquaintances in Dalbeattie Museum.

Visit of the Lord Lieutenant

The Lord Lieutenant of this district Sir Michael Ross on this annual tour of Dalbeattie visited our museum. He was met by the Chairman Mr Tommy Henderson who in turn introduced him to most of the volunteers that help run the museum throughout he year. This was the first time in 20years any official visit to the museum had taken place.

He was most impressed with what he saw. He wished us every success in our new venture, and hoped the new extension to our premises would encourage lots more visitors this coming year.
After coffee and biscuits he thanked everyone and congratulated the trust on the enthusiasm and dedication of its members to achieve a museum of such a high standard and to the preservation of all that Dalbeattie had added to the economy of the District in the past. His last remark was "I will be back!".

Community Champion Award

Dumfries and Galloway Life magazine held its first awards ceremony to reward unsung heros in our area at Easterbrook Hall at the Crichton on Wednesday 10th November. It was at this ceremony that Tommy Henderson our founder and Chairman of Dalbeattie Museum was awarded the Community Champion Award for his life time dedication to the town of Dalbeattie and Dalbeattie Museum.

Tommy said " It was the biggest surprise of my life that they chose me!".

What made this award even more special was that it was sponsored by The Glasgow Association, who are no strangers to the Museum and the work that Tommy does. Tommy revealed that it gave him great pleasure to think that people in the area thought so highly of him. The Crystal Trophy stand proud in his house as a reminder of this happy occasion.

Tommy would also like to take this opportunity to say a huge Thank You for who nominated him and to say no one could appreciate the award more than him!

13 Hardback Gallovidian Annuals

Only a few weeks ago the Museum became the custodians of 13 bound Gallovidian Annuals from Rory Callan, Mr Ivie Callan grandson. these have been given to the Museum on a long term loan but they will be a great source of information for our visitors to refer to for local information and history of the area.

The Official Presentation of The Queens Award for Voluntary Service 2009

On Tuesday the 7th Of July 2009 in the Town Hall, Dalbeattie. Dalbeattie Museum was officially presented with their Queens Award Certificate and Commemorative Crystal Ware for Voluntary Service, from  Lt. Col. Sir Malcolm Ross, GCVO OBE.

The Presentation Ceremony started off by guests being met by the Lieutenant's Piper, Miss Megan Morgan.

The introductions were done by Mr. Derek Crichton, Area Manager for the Stewartry. Followed  by Mrs. Jean Farish who gave a small speech about how the museum had received the award. Next the presentation, where Tommy Henderson, Chairman, received the certificate and Crystal Ware from Lt. Col. Sir Malcolm Ross.  Mr. Tommy Henderson then replied on behalf of the volunteers with a speech thanking everyone for this huge privilege bestowed on them. Shortly after Mr. Tommy Henderson gave a presentation on the history of the making of Dalbeattie Museum.

A Buffet and light refreshments finished off the exciting evening.

Dalbeattie Museum Awarded The Queens Award For Voluntary Services

Dalbeattie Museum's voluntary members were awarded this highly prestigious award on the 2nd of June 2009 as a recognition of all their hard work over the last 16 years. Tommy Henderson said on receiving the news of the award "It is really wonderful that the museum and the people of Dalbeattie have been recognized for all the hard work that has gone in over the years" the award will be presented by the Lord Lieutenant of Stewartry on a later date and four members of the museum trust have been invited to the Queens garden party at Holyrood House in Edinburgh.