All our events are open to the public and you will receive a warm welcome and after the speaker we offer refreshments.

The Venue for the A.G.M and Open Meetings is

Dalbeattie Parish Church Centre

Craignair Street


If you would like to be notified of any of our meetings, please send us your email address. Thank You. 

Past Events

A.G.M 1st March 2020

Date: 10 March 2020

1st March 2020 AGM

81 High Street, Dalbeattie, DG5 4BT

        01556 611657

Charity Number SC003247


Donald welcomed the company. Announcing that the museum had now been open to the public for 27 Years!

30 People were in attendance.

Donald read out the 2019 AGM minutes. 


Donald explained that a couple of items on the report still had not been done.

Matters arising from the minutes-

1-    Donald would continue to give personally the money towards the “History Prize” at the Dalbeattie Primary School. He would not take it out of museum funds.

2-    The loft had not been emptied as access was difficult and unsafe for any of the volunteers to attempt. Scaffolding would be the best option. This was to be looked into for the future removal of items from the loft.

3-    Becoming a SCIO has made the museum paperwork a lot easier. 

4-    Electrics had been done and compliant with the law.



The prepared accounts put before the trust members had been prepared in line with our governing document and statuary requirements as per our governing documents. The accounts had been independently examined by Mr R Murray, Johnston Drive, Dalbeattie, and full approve of the accounts were given at the meeting held within the museum on the 19th February 2020. The trustees considered the accounts as an accurate reflection of the trusts financial position for the year 2018/19.


Erica Johnston said that the museum finances were in a reasonably good state, but this because of a legacy we had received from Mr Benson. Plus, a £500 gift from a visitor, who had sent a cheque from Australia. 

It was felt that some fund raising may be needed if the donations continued to fall. The amount given in 2019 summer season worked out to be 50p approximately per head. This could not be sustained by the museum in the future. 



Tommy read out his report for the year. 

Tommy Thanked all the volunteers and Wednesday gang for their continuing support. He said they may have to look for a few more volunteers in the coming months, as there were a few gaps on the calendar. He also expressed that in the coming years possible the heating in the museum would need to be addressed, as the old storage heater was not efficient enough. He thought it would be about £500 for a new heater but he would continue to look for options. 

Tommy told the sad news that Mr David Rudland had died a few months before and he thanked David and his wife Margaret for all the years of help in the museum. David and Margaret were with the museum right from the start. They would be sadly missed.



All Trustees were voted back on by block and they were happy to do this.



Donald agreed with Tommy that there was going to be a need for new volunteers shortly in the museum.  

No other museum news.




There was no other business to discuss.



Donald welcomed Mr Keith Kirk.  

Keith gave a wonderful illustrated talk on the Wildlife in Dumfries and Galloway. His colourful pictures of birds and animals from around the area was a real delight. Many of the pictures taking hours to capture, showing great patience in his craft. Keith explained he sometimes has to use a hide, as many of the birds and animals are shy of humans. Many of his pictures can be seen in the Dumfries and Galloway Life magazine. 


No questions were asked form the floor.

Donald gave the vote of thanks to Mr Keith Kirk.


The meeting ended with refreshments.


Charity Number SC003247



Date: 27 January 2020



Dalbeattie Museum A.G.M - 3rd December 2017

Date: 3 December 2017

A.G.M 2017

Donald Henderson welcomed the company to the AGM, and opened the meeting. 58 Members/Friends present

Erica Johnston handed out the latest report as treasurer. She told the company the full report was available. Erica said that the museum was still in a healthy state considering takings were down in the 2017 season. Erica noted that the new lightbulbs in the museum, (purchased in 2016), had already shown a saving in the electric bill. There should be a huge saving next year when we do not have the accountancy fee of between £500-£600. Due to the trust turning into a SCIO.

Donald Thanked Erica for the work she had done.

Museum Business—Donald explained the changes since becoming a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation. (SCIO), directors are now called Trustees. We are no longer a Trust but just Dalbeattie Museum. We can still apply for grants and we are still a charity. The next AGM would be in March 2019. 

Donald encouraged all the company to please fill in our membership form, as this would not cost anything but did give the individual a voting right at the next AGM.

Donald thanked the Wednesday boys group for the wonderful Christmas windows and said the museum had came 2nd in the Christmas window competition.

2018 was to be 25 years since the museum opened its doors, a party was to be arranged for the opening of the new 2018 season to celebrate this.

The window displays were to depict the 100 years of the World War. Incorporating all the forces.

Tommy Henderson informed the company that a lady who had helped in the museum had left a legacy of £1000 to the museum. This would be a huge boost to museum funds. The museum should also receive a donation from the Dalbeattie Tree of Heaven, as the museum was one of four charity chosen in the town.

Donald introduced Mr Andrew Swan to the company.

Talk by Mr Andrew Swan, on The Port Road.  The railway line between Dumfries and Castle Douglas taking in Dalbeattie Station. Andrews talk was a wonderful insight into this railway line. Andrew is very knowledgeable about all the crossings, stations, sidings and the day to day working of this line.

Andrew also thanked the museum for their help over the years. Andrew had brought some of his newly published books called The Port Road.

 Donald Henderson gave the vote of Thanks and Refreshments ended the meeting.


Date: 7 November 2017













AGM for 2016

Date: 9 November 2016

The Dalbeattie Museum Trust A.G.M 

Sunday 4th December 2016

We had a very successful A.G.M, being joined by many members and friends of Dalbeattie Museum.

Our Chairman Donald gave a report  on all the exciting things the museum had been involved with in the last year. He told the company that the museum had 4000 visitors over the summer. He told the company about the great reviews we have had on trip advisor. He said the museum bank of volunteers had grown, especially with the Wednesday gang, which showed the camaraderie and fun this institution can bring. 

Bill Borthwick, our treasurer of 6 years was standing down with effect after the meeting. He and his wife had now moved to Kirkcudbright and Donald thanked Bill on behalf of all the volunteers and Directors, for his sterling work and wished them both well. Erica Johnston agreed to become our new treasurer. 

Many new and varied articles had been handed into the museum. Donald explained that space was becoming an issue for any additional items in the future. But the museum would do its best never to refuse any items.

We had recieved, prams, old tools, a copy of the worlds smallest bible and a collection of fairground traction engines and wagons, all based on the Rood fair in Dumfries.

We had recieved various donations from organisations in Dalbeattie and also from people in the town leaving something to the museum in their wills. Donald thanked them all.

These donation would help boost the funds as the museum lightening systems was becoming a drain on the fianaces.

The book on the history of Dalbeattie Primary School, which was launched at the start of the year had brought in a good number of visitors to the museum. We had made a donation to the Primary School of £250, a share of the donations recieved from the public. This off set the deficit the school faced in producing the book.

Donald explained our main event this season was the 80th Birthday of our life President, Tommy Henderson, at the end of October. The towns foks had come out to support Tommy. Everyone had a great time.

Donald explained we have now launched a Facebook page, with help from Graeme Henderson. 

The museum is trying to keep up with technology.

Many groups had come to visit the museum, including , Dalbeattie Rotary Club, Cubs and Beavers group from Dalbeattie.

Donald said, All in all this had been another fantastic year for the museum and closing his speech by thanking all the volunteers and helpers of the museum, as without them there would not be a museum.

Donald then introduced Erica Johnston.

Erica then gave a wonderful talk on the life of William McMaster Murdoch. She gave a fabulous insight into the man who was William McMaster Murdoch, giving a glimpse of how he became to be on the Titanic, on that ill fated night. She explianed his family life and how his life was shaped. 

Donald Henderson gave the vote of thanks. 

Refreshments were then served.


A.G.M and talk on the life and times of Thomas Telford by Graham Roberts.

Date: 8 December 2015

Dalbeattie Museum held its A.G.M on 6th December 2015.

Tommy Henderson was back in the chair, as Chairman, Donald Henderson could not attend.

The museum has made a healthy profit this year because it has sold a new DVD called Reflections of Old Dalbeattie. The museum also held a coffee morning, which was a great success and was well attended.

Tommy read Donalds report. This report reminded the members and friends what had happened throughout the summer season. Commenting on our reviews on Trip Advisor, which to-date were all very positive.

In museum business, Bill Borthwick explained our new suggestion for collecting subscriptions from members and friends. The company agreed to the changes. 

 After the museum business the company was given a talk and a PowerPoint presentation by Graham Roberts. Graham is the Archivist at the Ewart Library in Dumfries. His talk was on the life and times of Thomas Telford.

Thomas Telford was a Scottish Civil Engineer, who lived between 1757–1834. He lived a full and fascinating life. He was the engineer behind many of the bridges in Britain, but his most famous is the Menai Bridge in Wales. He also developed the roads in the Scottish Highlands, and the Caledonian Canal.

Everyone enjoyed Grahams talk very much.

Tommy Henderson gave the vote of thanks and the meeting ended with refreshments.

Talk on the History of the "Port Road" Railway Line.

Date: 28 June 2015

The Lost Railways in Galloway

This talk was be given by Mr Angus Rex

Dalbeattie Museum Trust held an open meeting in the Church Centre, Craignair Street, Dalbeattie on Sunday, June 28th. The meeting was an illustrated talk on “The Lost Railways of Galloway”. It is 50 years since Dr Beeching closed the railway line from Dumfries to Stranraer.  Galloway is often the forgotten corner of Scotland bypassed by travellers heading north from England to the populous central belt or the majestic highlands of Scotland.  The South West of Scotland was once served well by railways with the main services between Scotland, England and Northern Ireland passing through these two counties connecting with the ferry services from Portpatrick and Stranraer.


Little remains of the railway network in Galloway with cars and heavy lorries replacing the passenger and freight trains of the last century.  During the talk we travelled on the “Forgotten Railways of Galloway” including visits to Dalbeattie, Castle Douglas, Kirkcudbright, Newton Stewart, Stranraer, Portpatrick and Cairnryan.


The speaker was Angus Rex who was born and brought up in Wigtownshire attending Portpatrick Primary School and Stranraer High School.  He left Portpatrick to study at the University of Glasgow and has lived and worked in the Glasgow area ever since.  He currently lives in East Kilbride.


His main hobby has always been railways ranging from building model railways as a boy to preserving the real thing with The Scottish Railway Preservation Society.  Being so closely associated with Portpatrick, Angus concentrates his interest and talks on the railways of South West Scotland.


The meeting was attended by over 70 members and friends, Angus finished the afternoon by playing a short video of cine film of a train journey on the “Paddy Line” as the audience enjoyed refreshments.

Dalbeattie Museum Trust A.G.M

Date: 3 December 2014

Dalbeattie Museum A.G.M.

It is also time to renew your subscriptions with us!

This was an Evening Meeting. Around 50 friends and members attended our A.G.M.

After the business, Donald Henderson gave a report on what had happened in the museum over the summer season. He also read out some of the excellent comments from our visitors book. Donald reported that the website was having around 2000 hits a month and that people from all over the world were looking at it.

Mr Bill Borthwick gave a report on the finances of the museum, indicating that monies were down this year and expenditure had been high. He hoped that this would balance out in the coming year, as we would not have the same expense. He reported that it takes about £4,000 a year to run the museum.

Since the money fell short this year, it was discussed that we should hold some fund raising events.

Donald then introduced Mrs Erica Johnson. Erica gave an excellent talk on  "The Moyle and its place in history". Erica explained how the Moyle was an important site  thousands of years ago. Why it would have been a great vantage point for the people who lived there. Erica explained what the fort might look like and the day to day activities of its inhabitants. Erica explained why it would have been connected with our places in the surrounding area. Everyone agreed that this had been a very interesting talk.

After the talk we had refreshments.

The Church Centre

Craignair Street


Talk by the Mostly Ghostly Investigators

Date: 14 September 2014

Talk by the Mostly Ghostly Investigation team.

The Speaker for this event was Kathleen Cronie and The Investigations Team

The meeting was started by Tommy Hederson telling the company about what had been happening in the museum over the past few months. He reported that 4000 visitors had come through the door. He also described some of the items that had been handed in lately to the museum.

The treasurer then gave his report.

The Mostly Ghostly Investigators gave a very informative talk to the crowd of 30 at Dalbeattie Museums Afternoon Tea meeting. They explained how the team had came about and gave an excellent powerpoint presentaion to explain things further to the group.

Kathleen had alot of information to give in a short time but she did this excellently. Managing to talk about all their investigations and findings, Haunted Road Tours, Haunted Walks around Dumfries,  future investigations and what they hope to achieve.

After a question and answer session, we had  "Afternoon Tea".

Everyone had really enjoyed this talk and the feed back was very positive.

Our next meeting will be our A.G.M on December 3rd at

Dalbeattie Church Centre

Craignair Street

Dalbeattie   7:30pm


The First World War and the HM Factory Gretna

Date: 6 April 2014

The First World War and the HM Factory Gretna


The first 2014 open meeting of the Dalbeattie Museum Trust took place on Sunday the 6th of April in the Church Centre, Craignair Street, Dalbeattie. The afternoon took the form of a talk followed by afternoon tea.


The meeting opened with the Chairman Donald Henderson giving a resume of what had happened in the museum over the winter months. He described the new exhibition for 2014 – Dalbeattie at War – this exhibition showing the articles and items the museum owns to do with the First and Second World Wars, these include medals, gas masks, trench art and lots more.


Next the guest speaker for the afternoon was introduced, Mr John Anstey, who gave a fascinating talk on the “Devils Porridge” based in Eastriggs, just outside Dumfries. His talk was on the history of the First World War Ammunitions Factory which was built in secret between Longtown and Dornock, a total of 9 miles wide factory with its own water supply, housing, power station and railway system.


He explained the reasoning behind the building of it and then its demise after the end of World War One, and how it left us with the towns of Eastriggs and Gretna.


The afternoon rounded off with the audience enjoying an afternoon tea of scones, cakes with tea and coffee


The next open meeting is on Sunday September the 14th at 2pm in the same venue, and the speaker then will be Kathleen Cronie from “Mostly Ghostly” Investigations.


A.G.M for Dalbeattie Museum Trust

Date: 4 December 2013

Dalbeattie Museums A.G.M was attended by 40 members and friends.

Donald Henderson after welcoming everyone, read out the minutes of last years A.G.M, he then went on to tell the company about what the museum had achieved in the last year. He said about how much the museum had improved and even though there were not so many visitors in 2013, the museum continues to grow.

Donald explained that a new camera system was now in place with the capacity to record if required. Also new walkie talkies have been purchased, so that the volunteers may talk to one another without having to climb the stairs.

Tommy Henderson was next to talk to the floor, he gave his presidents report, explaining what exciting items have been handed into the museum in the last year. He also said about how lovely it was to read the comments left by the visitors in the visitors book. One couple who had commented in the book were Meghan Newall and her husband, from Vancouver in Canada. Meghan had emailed Tommy to ask about her Newall family. Tommy explained about how he had met them at the museum and gave Meghan all the information she required and in return, she gave Tommy a lovely pair of gloves.Tommy gave "Thanks" to all his volunteers for their continuing support. He explained that the Wednesdays Boys Club in the museum was a highlight of the week.

Bill Borthwick then gave the treasurers report.

Donald took to the floor again and the museum commitee made some changes.

Tommy Henderson has become a "Life President", Donald Henderson became the "Chairman", Bill Borthwick continues to be the "treasurer".

After the museum business, a showing of a DVD, depicting the tribute Dalbeattie made to the "Titanic Commemorations" in April 2012, was shown. The DVD was produced by Sam Kelly. The film showed the Church Service, the parade to the memorial on the town hall, the wreath laying, ending with the boats being placed on the pond in the park.

After the DVD, the company had tea and biscuites


Story of Iona

Date: 25 September 2013

The speaker for this evening will be Mairi Dunn

Mairi gave an illustrated talk on the Island of Iona.

Over 30 friends and members of the museum enjoyed Mairi Dunns talk on her childhood Isle of Iona.

Mairi gave an excellent powerpoint presentation showing not only her photographs of the Island but also some from her fathers collection. Mairi's  talk took us all around the Island and she told us about places that tourists do not get time to see.

Donald Hernderson gave the vote of thanks.


Tea and coffee was then served.


A Day at Chelsea Flower Show

Date: 15 May 2013

The speaker for this evening was Mrs Isobel Evans

Isobel gave an illustrated talk on her visit last year to the Chelsea Flower Show. As well as her talk she showed the visitors a slide show of what she had seen, such as the flower displays, all the stands and all the ward winning gardens.

Donald Henderson gave the vote of thanks and then the company had refreshments


Peru and Beyond

Date: 20 March 2013

Dalbeattie Museum are sorry for the delay for putting Angelas talk on our calendar.


Angela Haining gave a very interesting talk and powerpoint presentation about her adventures in Peru. Angela went to Peru to work for the Vine Trust. She helped build a house for the boys that live there. Angela hopes to go again this year to another Vine Trust project and is looking for sponsorship. The museum wishes her well in her next adventure.

After the talk, tea and buscuites were available.

A.G.M and Talk by The Rev.David Bayne

Date: 5 December 2012

After A.G.M business we shall have a speaker for this evening.

The speaker was Reverend David Bayne, from Castle Douglas.

He gave an Illustrated talk on "Queen Margaret Of Scotland".

The Reverend David Bayne gave a wonderful insight into the time Queen Margaret of Scotland lived. Queen Margaret of Scotland was born in Hungary in 1045, and became queen down through her family line. Donald gave the vote of thanks to The Reverend David Bayne, then refreashments were served. The meeting closed at 10pm.


Please note that it is also time to renew your subscription!

Please send your payments to Mr Bill Borthwick or pay at our open meeting , Thank You.


Barrhill Road,

Dalbeattie. We would like to take this opportunity to "Thank" everyone for their continuing support!



The BBC In Scotland: The First 50 Years

Date: 12 September 2012

The speaker for this evening  will be Mike Shaw.

His talk is titled The BBC In Scotland: The First 50 Years

This open meeting was very well attended and the chairman, Tommy Henderson opened the meeting by welcoming everyone. He thanked them all for their continuing support and told them about what had been going on at the museum since the last meeting.

Tommy then introduced Mr Mike Shaw. Mr Shaw gave an illustrated talk, not only with pictures but also showing some early footage of Dr Finlays Case Book, the Flannels and the White Heather Dancers. Everyone enjoyed the talk, Tommy Henderson gave the vote of thanks. Refreshments were then served.

Parish Church Hall,

Craignair Street, Dalbeattie

at 7.30pm


Talk on the Galapagos

Date: 9 May 2012

by Mr D. Laurence from Colvend

at Parish Church Hall, Craignair Street, Dalbeattie at 7.30pm

Mr Laurence gave a very interesting talk on the Galapagos, which the members and friends enjoyed very much. Refreshments were served after the talk.

Talk on the Coast Guard

Date: 11 April 2012

by Mr J. Hope

Coast Guard past, present and future

After the museum business, Tommy Henderson introduced Mr Hope.

The leacture began with the history of the coastguard and their duties. The duties of the coastguard has gone back as far as smuggling times when it was the duty of the coastguard to apprehend the villains.

Mr Hopes job was to patrol Dumfries and Galloways coastline and the Solway Firth, looking out for illegal activities in the small inlets and harbours. The coastguard are not a rescue service but will co-ordinate with other organizations to assist in a rescue.

Frefreshments were served after the talk.



A.G.M. Night

Date: 2 November 2011

Speaker for this evening will be Mr. Hunter.

His subject will be "The History of the Arroll Johnston Motor Car".

70 members and friends attended the A.G.M. Tommy welcomed everyone and a copy of the accounts were made available for the members. The chairman gave his report and the treasurer also gave his report on the finances of the Museum, which showed a slight lose. This is thought to be due to the recent financial climate.

Donald Henderson gave a forward plan for the Museum next year, they included a exhibition in the front shop depicting the loss of the Titanic and its connection with the town. The speaker for this evening was Mr Hunter and Mr Gray they were both experts on the Arroll Johnstone Car. Mr Gray worked on them for many years. They gave us a fascinating account of this wonderful car right through from its beginnings, covering factories both at Dumfries and Kirkcudbright engineering works, Tongland. Many questions were asked at the end of the powerpoint presentation, this reflects the interesting subject. The vote of thanks was given by Tommy Henderson. Refreshments were then served.

Pictures of Local Interest

Date: 14 September 2011

Donald Henderson will be our speaker and he is going to give a talk on the subject "Pictures of Local Interest!" Donald changed his talk for this evening deciding to talk about the "Titanic".

The evening started with a short report from the Chairman Mr. Tommy Henderson on all the exciting items that had been handed into the museum lately. He also remarked that 5000 visitors had come through the museum doors over the past season. Donald accompanied his talk with a powerpoint presentation. He began his story about the "White Star Line". His information throughout his talk had been very well researched and he gave a fascinating account of an already a well told story. Giving an excellent insight into our local man, William McMaster Murdoch, who was on the bridge of the Titanic when it hit the iceberg. He also spoke about Mr Hume , from Dumfries, who was a bandsman on the Titanic, mentioning a new book about Mr Hume and his family called "The Band Played On". This book is by Mr Christopher Ward.

The evening finished with refreshments.